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was created by Jan Bednar, who was born in January 1977, in PRAHA, Czech               Republic.  After travelling the world as a kitesurfing instructor, he                       stumbled upon Cumbuco - the small fishing village on the north-                         eastern Brasilian coast.  Soon afterwards it exploded into one of the                       best kitesurfing destinations in the world.

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As "muda" comes from portuguese word mudar/change, MUDA CONCEPT is here to help other hospitality businesses change and improve their results with little or no cost to the owners. Our team will examine your standard menu for free and create a new modern menu which will include your own spirit and vibe. We will give you the exact cost of new dishes, help you to organize the kitchen and your team. We will work to lower the food wastage and therefore increase your sales while keeping the product quality, presentation & taste of your own dishes !

 We will also promote your business via our media website / Facebook / instagram & any other social media sites where MUDA CONCEPT will be represented !!!


We are not your employees, we will only train and supervise your team, will notice you about any post or mention of your name anywhere promoted together with MUDA CONCEPT and also you may recieve a feedback from El Gordo – our quality control Mystery Visitors who may visit you without any notice.


We don’t want you to incur any extra cost but we ask for 50% discount while we are carrying out work on your behalf.


WE NEED // free hands to create and present your new menu and to organize the kitchen. Nothing will be agreed upon until after our presentation and your agreement to all aspects of same.


YOUR COST // We don’t charge you any fee but depending on your stock and kitchen equipment we may need new plates or other items which will be paid for by the contractor/owner and will remain yours. Also for control and monthly feedbacks you need & we recommend POSlavu


OUR GAIN // after full agreement on the selling price, we simply add 0,99 R$ onto every food item, and take 0,99 R$ from any item sold by you. This means that your client will pay our costs - herefore your cost to be part of MUDA CONCEPT is nothing !!! There is a further contract to be signed with additional instructions which will clarify our rights in relation to creation of plates, rights & presentations.


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